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DRHA End of the year show

After a stunning ride, Petra van Ede claimed the reserve championstitel in the Open lawson class!

Most important performance 2016

Buckle winner DRHA circuit in the Non Pro class and reserve champion in the Intermediate non pro class.

Most important performance 2015

This is the year Crome Dont Corrode is not only an open horse, but also a non pro horse. Immediately Leonoor de Bruin claims bronze in...

Most important performance 2014

This year Walter Bouwmeester showed Crome Dont Corrode succesfully and became multiple Open Champion in the DRHA circuit.

Most important performance 2013

In 2013 we flew Crome dont Corrode over to Europe. Grischa Ludwig claimed the Open European Reserve Champion aboard Boe.

Most important performance 2012

In 2012 we bougth Crome Dont Corrode and his first show stop was the NRHA Cowtown Classic. Ruben Vandorp won with him the level 3 and 4...


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